You Won't Believe Your Eyes Watching This Squirrel's Amazing Battle To Protect The Corps Of His Dead Fellow! Unbelievable!

This brave squirrel proved that friendship is not a privilege of humans! You couldn't have a better friend than this little fellow right here. After his friend was run over by a car, he continues to fight off crows to protect his body. His stand against overwhelming odds and the formidable devotion shown by such a small animal will make your heart melt!

The clip begins with him tentatively edging towards a solitary crow which is preparing to feast on the carcass which lies on a road. Unsettled by the squirrel's approach the crow backs off and, emboldened, the rodent edges forward until he is standing over his friend's body. When the crow lurches forward to take a peck, the squirrel jumps and frightens it off. The squirrel continually waves his tail in warning but then another crow steps up fancying its chances. The plucky rodent then stands on its hind legs, poised for a stand-off. With its adversaries retreating, the brave animal takes the opportunity to wash its paws in preparation for the next bout!
Even in the animal kingdom, a friendship is something worth fighting for. “Forever” is something that this squirrel definitely meant and stood for! This story may be sad and touching but is also a lesson for all humans!

Credits: Break

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