Meet Jumpy The Most Capable Dog Ever...You Definitely Won't Believe Your Eyes!

We all think our dogs have superhero powers. Jumpy actually does. Jumpy the Australian Shepherd is known for his amazing dog tricks. He does tricks you would never expect from a dog! Jumpy's specialties are extreme high jumps, dancing, acting, dock diving, fly ball, frisbee, skateboarding and other amazing tricks.
His owner seems to have a really close relationship with Jumpy looking thrilled to show off for his master.
Jumpy shows he understands the instructions following orders to 'back up' and move slowly 'one step' at a time. He is something else! Enjoy!
What a smart dog he is! Unbelievable obedience...I wish I could have some of his amazing abilities in skateboarding and my dog could obey to the half of these orders!

Credits: Gagsofficeil

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