Meet Jumpy The Most Capable Dog Ever...You Definitely Won't Believe Your Eyes!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014 | | |
We all think our dogs have superhero powers. Jumpy actually does. Jumpy the Australian Shepherd is known for his amazing dog tricks. He does tricks you would never expect from a dog! Jumpy's specialties are extreme high jumps, dancing, acting, dock diving, fly ball, frisbee, skateboarding and other amazing tricks.
His owner seems to have a really close relationship with Jumpy looking thrilled to show off for his master.
Jumpy shows he understands the instructions following orders to 'back up' and move slowly 'one step' at a time. He is something else! Enjoy!
What a smart dog he is! Unbelievable obedience...I wish I could have some of his amazing abilities in skateboarding and my dog could obey to the half of these orders!

Credits: Gagsofficeil

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