This Little Red Human On The Traffic Light Warns You To Stand Still...Well Not Exactly...Groovy!

The creative minds at Smart (the company that developed the Smart car) have conceptualized a new way to guide pedestrians safely across the street—by throwing a dance party. Instead of the usual red traffic light shaped like a stationary man to signal people traveling on foot to remain on the sidewalk, the company has devised a light that keeps pedestrians occupied with a dancing man.
The superb idea though doesn't stop there...a few meters away they have placed a dance room on a square in Lisbon, Portugal and invited random pedestrians to go into the box and dance. Their movements were then displayed on a few traffic lights in real time. This resulted in 81% more people stopping and waiting at those red lights!
Many pedestrians who do not pay attention to traffic lights and crossing the street with such comfort that they do not care that they are at risk. What an imaginative thought to reduce the accidents! A red man is dancing for pedestrians' eyes only! Amazing combination of safety and fun!

Credits: smart

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