Hilarious But Really Meaningful! A Priceless Reaction Of A Fed Up Father!

As social media and technology take over our lives, it’s not difficult to imagine the following scenario.

They were having a lovely family dinner until their sons whipped out their phones. Rather than sit idly by as his sons continue their rude behavior, one father decides to take action in a hilariously brilliant way...

Created by a writer and filmmaker named Matthew Abeler, “Pass The Salt” is a “video short about technology and relationships… don’t text at the table kiddos!” as Matthew says. The hilarious yet poignant film won the Best Comedy Award at the 2014 Five16 Film Festival, and people all over the world have related to its humor and its message.
Texting at the table has become something of an epidemic in recent years, so the end justifies the means! In this chaotic society we live in today, we have to cherish the few moments we have, to spent with or family and the people who we care for...try to silence your phones out of common courtesy and put them face down in a pile on the table to prevent any distracting glowing lights from stealing your attention And Enjoy Dinner!

Credits: Matthew Abeler

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