Tattoo Enthusiast Or Not...You'll Love It!

The use of tattoos is recorded to have begun thousands of years ago and its history is as varied, colorful and diverse as the people who carry them! Since then a lot have changed. Nowadays Tattoos are more popular than ever, and, whatever your opinion of that, you have to admit it's brought about some amazing art. Thanks to technological advances, artists can do more with tattooing than ever before, using more vibrant colors and branching into a variety of styles and aesthetics. And of course those advances also makes tattoos safer and more hygienic.

Sasha Unisex, an amazing tattoo artist, illustrator and painter from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who drew all eyes with her watercolor-like minimalistic tattoos. The geometric style she approaches in her works, the way she manipulates contrasting colors to make a design appear three-dimensional and the vibrant inks she uses – which are limited to blues, purples, blues, and greens – set her apart from other tattoo artists.
Sasha Unisex creates beautiful watercolor paintings and skillfully translates them into vibrant, geometric tattoos, resulting in a distinct painterly style of tattoing, fresh and new to the eyes. Different from the old school traditional style that we’ve gotten used to, her style gives emphasis to geometric shapes and shading with minimal to no outlines at all.

She graduated from St Lviv National Academy of Arts back in 2010 and now owns it with her distinct painterly style of tattooing. Her tattoo works are now trending all over the web, and candy-colored fanatics who are into colorful & subtle tattoos are in for a treat! It’s her composition techniques & application that fascinates! Care for a short trip?

Sources: Sasha Unisex, Viralnova

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