The Expanding Van...I've Never Thought That This Would Be The Future Way Of Camping!

This definitely comes from the future...but revives good old days!
Rv's were one of the dreams of my childhood! Being able to travel almost everywhere and have at the same time an equipped car with living space and amenities found in a home was trendy back in the '70's and '80's! In this video you are going to witness the high tech version of those Rvs!

It may look like an ordinary van but this is something else!

RVs are awesome but their larger size and weight brings disadvantages in the form of fuel economy, handling and convenience. The guys over at Doubleback solved this problem by creating the Doubleback, based on the Volkswagen Transporter with an added electric sliding pod in the back that basically doubles the interior volume of the van. It also packs an elevating roof, stove, sink, fridge, fold out double bed… in short, basically everything but a toilet.
This is the future of camping, the Practical Motorhome Doubleback VW Camper. Whether you’re taking the kids to the mountains for some skiing or heading to a remote beach for a surf safari, this camper will make you feel right at home. By pressing a button, it doubles in size for more room to eat, sleep and pack in your pals.
It ain’t cheap, but novel design rarely is. However it certainly gives you something cool to think about!

Credits: Practical Motorhome

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