The Most Sweet Buzzing IN An Operating Room! So Adorable!

According to the typical procedure of a labor seconds after a baby is born, the nurses lay the baby to its mother's arms for a few moments, as she was the a one carrying it and her smell and voice are the only things familiar in this rather strange new environment for a newborn.

However this procedure doesn't last long as both the baby and the mother need treatment. So after spending their first moments together they have to be separated for a while...but in this case things didn't follow this particular procedure on schedule!

The newborn, who evidently found the transition into life outside of the womb a bit of a rude shock, refused to let go of its mum after it was delivered by caesarian section and presented to its mother for skin-to-skin contact.

When the nurse tries to take the baby away to clean it, the baby wails and will not stop until it is returned to its mum.

Seeing a just-born newborn baby cling to its mother is a beautiful thing! What a beautiful display of how attached babies are to their mothers immediately after birth. I really hope their bond lasts for ever! Congrats!

Credits: promise travelers

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