Years After His Death Still Inspires For The Most Innovating Things! Fantastic!

In the Dutch town of Eindhoven, artist Daan Roosegaarde has paid homage to its most famous resident, Vincent Van Gogh, by creating a glowing bike path that relies on solar-powered LED lights and interprets his classic painting Starry Night.
The opening of the cycle path marks the start of the Van Gogh 2015 international theme year. In 2015, the 125th anniversary of the death of Vincent van Gogh (Zundert, 30 March 1853 – Auvers-sur-Oise, 29 July 1890) will be commemorated with a comprehensive cultural programme on the theme: 125 years of inspiration.
The kilometer-long bike path, which was created using both glow-in-the-dark technology and solar-powered LEDs, is located in Brabant, the Dutch county where Van Gogh was born and raised. The swirling, glowing forms on the path’s surface will help bicyclists stay on track when they ride at night.
The Opwettense and Colse watermills featured in his paintings will now be connected via the new cycle path; bridging the gap between contemporary design, innovation, cultural heritage and tourism in Brabant.
Amazing inspiration...let's hope that this stunning and pioneering design will make other governments to think about saving energy!

Photos: Studio Roosegaarde
Sources: Twistedsifter, Dezeen, Studio Roosegaarde

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