A Cat Invites her Dog Friends For Festive Dinner...Hilariously Brilliant!

You have been inviting your friends for festive dinner for many years...here is a scenario of how it would look like if our pets could do so!

Some people just treat their pets like humans. And that's totally fine. They dress them up in sweaters and jackets, put little booties on their feet, talk to them like some cross between a BFF and a furry toddler, even cook and feed them human food. They are our companions....

These lucky animals enjoy a proper holiday feast fit for a king, courtesy of Freshpet. The adorable animals showed up in their finest attire, including their own personal set of human hands. Watch as thirteen dogs and one cat hilariously attempt to eat with forks and knives at a fancy dinner table.

Imaginative and extremely hilarious...I wish my dog would have the same manners at the table and even some of my human friends...Ha ha!

Credits: Freshpet

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