A Deaf Boy Breaks Free From Social Isolation...A Really Heartwarming Story!

He had no reason to smile for 15 years...the reason he is smiling now will bring tears to your eyes!
Imagine living the first 15 years of your life in total silence, never having a real conversation with anyone. This is Patrick Otema's reality.
Born deaf in a remote area of Uganda without any schools or resources for deaf children, Patrick had never had a conversation in his life. He could follow simple commands from his father, but was unable to express his thoughts, feelings, or ideas. When he wasn't doing chores, he spent his days in silence and isolation, wary of interaction with the people around him.
In the documentary, we are introduced to Raymond Okkelo, a sign language teacher who hopes to change the lives of Patrick and other deaf individuals in the area. Okkelo’s students are diverse, ranging from a 9-year-old boy to an 80-year-old woman. In the film, you can see the shy and withdrawn Patrick become lively and all smiles as he finally learns to communicate with others!
Watching this teen smiling touches my heart so deeply! This smile means happiness and hope for a better future which I wish Patrick and the rest of the students will face from now on! For most of us communication is taken for granted...but is a gift!
It's something truly moving and humbling to witness...

Credits: Channel 4

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