Counting Down To 2015...An Incredible Time-Lapse Video To Say Farewell To This Year!

2014 was a banner year for viral videos, and Luc Bergeron (aka Zapatou) has put a gigantic sampling together for his annual super cut “Best of Web”. This year he’s stitched together a whopping 233 viral video clips to create 6 minutes of non-stop action. Here’s a video that will overwhelm you with the experiences of life, give you a gigantic smile and make you want to go out and adventure.

How many can you recognize?
I really can't wait and definitely can't imagine what 2015 is going to bring! The only think I can do is to wish for a healthier, happier, more peaceful and more fabulous year! Happy holidays to all of you!

Credits: Luc Bergeron

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