He Could Be The Protagonist Of A Science Fiction Film...And His Story...A Mystery!

An emerald green cat spotted in the streets of Varna has been dazzling locals with its striking coat which is growing greener by the day. However, the cause of the feline's unusual pigmentation remains a mystery...
This cat may look like the subject of someone's imaginative Photoshop skills, but he actually spends his days walking around the Black Sea area of Bulgaria featuring the vibrant green fur in real life.
So what's behind the cat's odd look? At first animal lovers and local residents assumed the emerald-green feline was the handiwork of vandals and even started a Facebook page calling for "Punishment to the perpetrator of this criminal act."
But the mystery of the emerald feline has finally been solved. The cat has been sleeping on a pile of powdered paint cans, taking on more of the bright color every time it takes a nap.
While it looks a bit dangerous, it's believed that the paint is not toxic since the cat has been seen licking itself, and has not yet fallen ill.
So far, efforts to capture the cat and clean it or inspect it for health issues have been unsuccessful.
However, neither the cat nor its friends seem very bothered by its peculiar coat!
Hopefully, the paint this particular cat is sleeping near is non-toxic. Beautiful or not this is something that shouldn't have happened. I think they should attempt to catch him and remove the color so as he returns to his ordinary looks...It's time to end his career as the mystery green cat and go back to his ordinary life! Make sure you don’t try any of this…just to see how your pet would look like!

Credits: RuptlyTV

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