Hold Your Breath For This Daredevil Ski Line! OMG!

To call it completely crazy the most famous sites and become viral on the internet is something that cannot easily achieve each ski video!

Cody Townsend takes big mountain skiing to an entirely new level, straight-lining one of the gangliest vertical chutes deep in the Alaska Tordrillo Mountain Range.

Rightly so, the Cody Townsend, protagonist of the above amazing clip, won not one but three of the recognized awards Powder Video Awards: 'Best Male Performance', 'Best Line' and 'Full Throttle'!

Enough said though! See the line of the Year of the movie Days Of My Youth in the following video:
Isn't he something else? I would have given him another award..."The Most Daredevil Athlete of the Year"! I can't even imagine what he was thinking or how he must have felt crossing that line...Speechless!

Credits: Red Bull

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