Inspire Kindness: A Heart-Melting Video Reveals Humanity Has Still Have A Heart!

This video is a typification of the greatness of human's heart...Despite the fact that today overrides fear and isolation there are people out there who need our help and compassion!
Whether it's holding an elevator open for someone or picking up litter on the street, even the smallest gesture can make a difference.
In this video, a single mom with her newborn baby is in line to buy diapers, and her credit card is declined. She doesn’t have any cash and is obviously flustered. She’s about to walk away with nothing, when the man standing behind her hands the cashier $20 and offers to pay for the woman’s groceries. The mom is shocked by this random act of kindness. She tries to decline his offer, but he insists. It’s so beautiful to see her reaction and will instantly restore your faith in humanity.

The video includes four other random acts of kindness from around the world. Everyone’s generosity will really surprise you – in a good way! It’s great to know that when push comes to shove, most people will do what’s right!
Performing random acts of kindness like this is not only a proven way to elevate your own happiness level, but it can also inspire a chain, get yourselves in the holiday spirit and try to do an act of kindness! And remember don't try too much even the smallest will definitely make you feel happier and the one been helped!

Credits: Chad Brownstein

Share this unique video with others to inspire them and let's hope that the number of those videos will increase!
Παρασκευή, Δεκεμβρίου 12, 2014 |
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