It's Like "The Snow Queen" Passed From This Forest In Hungary...Awesome!

Remember the fairytale "The Snow Queen"?

This weekend, a forest turned into a real life Frozen kingdom of ice in Hungary. It wasn't the Snow Queen Elsa, but the rapidly sinking temperatures that caused the fog to suddenly freeze on a hill top, turning trees into strange surreal sculptures...
A rolling fog recently came through a Hungarian forest in Pilis. What initially looked like a normal fog turned out to be much more than the Hungarian Meteorological Service expected.

A moist air mass associated with a storm system over the Mediterranean lifted north, interacting with the cold air. The result was areas of snow and freezing rain. Elsewhere, the increase in moisture helped produce thick fog, which froze to objects resulting in widespread icing.
With temperatures hovering just below freezing and ample moisture in the atmosphere, ice continued to build on trees and power lines causing them to snap to the ground.
The trees are turned into abstract ice sculptures
With Christmas just around the corner and as the famous fairytale will be read many times...this scenery perfectly matches...However, it is really dangerous for those who have to move at those territories!

Sources: Sploid, Viralnova, Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat

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