Losing All This Fur By Brushing...I thought He Would Be Bald But There Is MORE!

The Samoyed breed flaunts a thick, double coat of fur, excellent for cold weather conditions. This also means that they require a fair deal of grooming. Sam, the dog in the video below, seems to be at ease while his owner gives him a thorough, much needed brushing. The time lapse shows just how much work is required to do this, and how much hair this dog has. It's remarkable.
It is evident that Sam loves every minute of his grooming session and his owner clearly enjoys doing it, as well, taking all the time he needs to do the job properly.
But the stunning thing is the mountain of fur that gradually builds up next to Sam. It is absolutely huge!
OMG! It is evident that this dog is really gentle...and thankfully really patient during the brushing procedure! I could only imagine how difficult this would be if the dog started to act up...not to mention having all this hair inside your house...difficult!

Credits: CarebDude

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