She Needed It More...But Her First Thought Were Her Friends! So Touching!

Doing things to help people in need is always touching and welcome! But when the offer comes from a person that's already in great need...just makes your heart melting!
Matt Tribe of Ogden, Utah, purchased one of Olive Garden's 1000 Never Ending Pasta Passes. When he bought one of Olive Garden’s limited edition, it was to fulfill his love of pasta. He soon saw another benefit.
The national restaurant chain offers 1,000 cards a year as part of their Never Ending Pasta Bowl promotion. The card gives the bearer an unlimited supply of meals for seven weeks. Tribe says he came up with “Random acts of Pasta” as a way to pay it forward.
The first recipient was his sister, Mandy, who was gifted a fettuccine Alfredo with salad and breadsticks.
From there, he says he dropped off dinners to friends, chased down his mailman and two UPS men with pasta, and treated a couple named Ben and Jessica to a meal.
Then he started searching for homeless people to feed!
The goal was 100 meals, by the end of the seven weeks, 125 people had benefited from the unlimited pasta.
He wrote a blog about the experience: “I was cruising around looking for someone homeless that I could give some pasta to. I finally found one sleeping in a park. I debated on whether or not it would be a good idea to wake her up, but in the end I decided to do it. I approached her and asked if she was hungry and would like some Olive Garden. She thanked me for the pasta and said she was going to share it with her friends.

“First of all, the initial thought of someone who has nothing was to share it with someone else–that’s pretty incredible. I asked where her friends were and she said behind that wall and motioned in the direction of a large wall. I walked over there and peeked around the corner and saw several people there. I went back to the car and got a few more bags of pasta and took it on over to them. I’m still blown away that the first thought of the lady receiving the pasta was to share with her friends.”

Tribe recognizes sharing the meals was not the point of the pasta campaign. He even checked with Olive Garden about using the card for take-out, and was given the green light. He has no regrets and says it’s changed the way he looks at the world.
Greed may be lethal...but the protagonists of this story it is certain that are not greedy!

Credits: 1800Tribe

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