So Simple And Extremely Imaginative! Impress Your Kids And Friends!

I am not that handy person especially when it comes to drawing ...but this how-to video even works for me! I always admired people who could draw amazing paintings at school and later at as a grownup. And when it comes to children who persistently ask from an adult to draw them something really cool, I've never volunteered, as my pictures would look exactly like theirs!
So here is an amazing solution that I am sure you'll love it and it is perfect for really creative time to spend with your children!
This lady presents an extremely easy way to draw 3D hands! You don’t need any artistic skills, just a few minutes of your time, a pencil, and some markers. Oh, and a good dose of imagination and wonder will go a long way too.
Make sure you have a lot of colorful markers, so you and your children can let your imagination run wild, because the results are simply stunning! I am sure you are going to have great time and all of the participants would laugh and cherish the results...I would even recommend to make a video!

I know how I would take advantage of this really enlightening video...I will invite all the kids I know and I am going to organize a colorful evening at my place! Sounds fun!

Credits: Handimania

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