This Really Tragic End...Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes! Watch It...It May Save Your Life!

A grieving father, visited the cemetery on the fourth anniversary of his 6-year-old daughter’s death where he used his cell phone to record his plea asking those who have drinking problems to get help now and never drive drunk.
Rick Ellis lost his 6-year old daughter Lindsey to a drunk driver who loved having fun, partying, staying up late and drinking whiskey. Rick, the heartbroken dad, stood at Lindsey’s grave and recorded this emotional plea dedicated to those who drink and drive so that they can rethink their ways and save lives.
Rick Ellis is determined to show the tragedy that can result from a night of partying. In the video Ellis says:
“I’m going to show you something that is the end result of your party on Friday nights, Saturday nights, whenever.”
Ellis then pans the video to his daughter’s grave. Ellis becomes extremely emotional when talking about the reason his daughter was taken from him so early.

Who was the drunk driver? Her own mother!
The pair died in Beaumont Mississippi, after the drunk mother tried to drive home to Arkansas from Gulf Shores, Alabama, after her boyfriend beat her up. Both the mother and child were killed instantly in the crash.
Ellis’ video has gone viral, touching people around the country who have lost relatives.
This is the first time a post has made me cry...So much! The pain that man is carrying is terrible. Prayers for him. This is very humbling, sad and a great message.

Credtits: Rick Ellis

Please share this heart-breaking video in order to save some lives these holidays!
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