What Inspired This Man May Surprise You...What He Created From It...Extremely Gorgeous!

Caves have a natural beauty to them, as anyone who has been to Carlsbad Caverns can tell you, but Ra Paulette is an expert. Artist Ra Paulette has spent the last decade excavating tunnels and passageways, and carving designs and benches in the sandstone cliffs in northern New Mexico. He spends his time carving a sandstone cave that he found, turning it into a wonderful subterranean space full of light.
With no one but his dog for company, Paulette created different designs and styles for every cavern, giving each one very specific qualities and textures.
It is a unique creation that will blow away your mind! These stunning caves and their intricate patterns are a real work of art.
The thought of spending so much time underground without human contact might make some feel claustrophobic, but to this artist, it’s a calling. Paulette turns the caverns into beautiful underground sculptures that honor New Mexico.
Calling it his final and most ambitious project, the 68-year-old's art caves are decorated with unique patterns as holes carved into the walls or ceilings fill rooms with natural light.
As you can see age doesn't matter if there is a goal. I think New Mexico will have more visitors this year as this place is a must see!

Credits: CBS Sunday Morning

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