A Soda Can Stove...That Even MacGyver Would Envy! Brilliant!

It is really amazing when something so ordinary and ostensibly useless can be turned into a life hack out in the woods or when facing a difficult situation...The hero of my childhood MacGyver would only be capable of creating like this! However after all these years, I realized that it only needs imagination and skills and you can almost create everything!

Try making your own easy, lightweight and portable cooking stove from used aluminum beverage cans. This project costs virtually nothing to create and it will cook for about 15 minutes.
Even if you may think you won't need something like this ever...It is always necessary to know how to survive in case of an emergency! We are living in a world that offers us amazing amenities and that is the most dangerous...taking for granted electricity...you never know!

Credits: dahuvid

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Δευτέρα, Ιανουαρίου 05, 2015 | |
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