Cannot Be Separated From Your Favorite But Really Old Jeans? Transform It!

Jeans are not garment ...They are lifestyle and certainly their primary instigator excluded to have foreseen that one day will wonder "but what I would wear if there were no jeans?".

Clothes ... worship, durable, matching with everything though in recent years the more worn, torn or patched ... are more fashionable! However if you have old pieces that you do not wear anymore, you can use their fabric to make of something completely different.

Here is a really clever project that brings new life to old jeans in the most wonderful way — and it’s so easy!

Rather than buying garden apron that you know is going to get dirty, make one out of an old pair of jeans instead. Start by cutting off the legs of the jeans an inch below the back pockets. Then flip it over and, starting from the zipper, cut right below the waistband to the side seam on each side. Then cut down each side seam and that’s it; your apron is finished. You just put it on around your waist and fasten the button like you would a regular pair of pants. And the great thing is the back pockets are wonderful for putting in seeds, clippers or anything else you might need in the garden.
In fact most fabric constructions of each type can be made with denim cloth, but both the color unevenness in the shades on the same track and the general "tone" of the fabric, pockets and special seams do very suitable for certain works or related clothing accessories or items for the home. Use your imagination and skills and CREATE!

Credits: CHOW

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