Do Not Throw Away The Gum Wrapper...It May Save You! A Brilliant Life Hack!

Starting a fire with the primitive way is hard work and time consuming. If you chew gum and have a flash light in your pack you could start a fire and have a way to cook, keep warm and boil water. So maybe consider keeping a pack of gum in your pack for this and to keep moral high in times of need.
In this super interesting life hack video, Grant Thompson shows us how to make little individual fire starters with only two ingredients: a battery and a gum wrapper. The hack itself only takes a couple of seconds, and as long as you’re careful not to burn yourself, this is the perfect skill to take your emergency fire from zero to one hundred!

This is certainly a useful survival technique! Don't forget though that when it comes to fire we should all be very cautious and in alert...because it can easily turn into a dangerous situation! Please keep that in mind!

Credits: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

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