His Life Story Gripped The Most Difficult Audience...Teenagers! So Touching And Meaningful!

When it's time to talk to teenagers about the temptations, the addiction to substances and generally about the dangers out there, is one of the most difficult conversations you will make. Because the obstacle you will face will be that they will not really listen to you. Most teens believe that they are invincible and that all these terrible things that happen to others, it will never happen to them. It would be better as parents and not only those, not to approach children in an authoritarian way, because it can bring the opposite results. It is more likely, if you start to read a whole list of rules and regulations to send them straight to try everything.

See then, how this man spoke about his personal experience.

When former professional wrestler Marc Mero stood up in front of an auditorium filled with 6th, 7th and 8th graders, he knew that they weren’t giving him, a random speaker, their undivided attention like 1st graders or taking notes like at a college lecture.

He knew to get their attention he had to hit their hearts and when he told the touching, difficult story about his relationship with his mother, he did just that. Marc’s story about how he didn’t appreciate his caring mother until she was gone, hit the students hard, as well as everyone else.
Marc taught the young ones a valuable lesson that you need in life, but never learn. People who love us sometimes leave us. His words inspire us to appreciate those who care about us while we still have time with them.

Even though Marc speaks to a young audience, his words have meaning at ANY age. “Love is just a word until you give it meaning – YOU are the meaning.”
It is so powerful, so shocking, so unbearable to lose your parents, which leaves you in scars forever. There is no more permanent imprint. It is always there, even if you manage to get over. As it cannot be exceeded. You learn to live with the loss, but there will always be times when you want to be with your parent next to you.

So give them now a big hug and a kiss and let them know how much you appreciate what they've done for you! It is really difficult to reach the day that you won't be able to say this magical word again..."mother"!

Credits: Champion of Choices

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