Kinda Dangerous...But Absolutely Spectacular! And The Most Impressive It Is A DIY "Game"!

Grant Thompson, known as The King of Random, because he comes up with some random-yet-completely-awesome ideas, is here to show us all a really neat little DIY trick. With just a few regular matches, a matchbox, a candle and some tin foil, you can create your very own miniature matchbox rockets!
Using just a few household items you can create a matchbox rocket that’ll help you relive your mischievous childhood or to be like Kevin from the legendary "Home Alone" trying to keep away from your house unwanted "intruders"!
While we don’t necessarily recommend playing with fire, there’s no harm in watching the rocket get made — and then carefully attempting your own launcher with a bucket of water at the ready. Be careful and have fun!

Credits: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

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