Simplifying Surviving Winter...Amazing Tips!

The battle with winter is a long one, fraught with snow and cold. If you need a couple more arrows in your quiver, check out these practices that help you keep you warm as the temperatures drop, save time in the freezing mornings before work, and hopefully conserve energy during the dark months.

While we can't avoid winter all together, we can definitely beat it with these life hacks.

1. Use bubble wrap to give your house insulation

2. If you don't have waterproof shoes, use plastic bags to keep your feet dry.

3. Spray your shovel with baking spray to make the snow slide right off.

4. Keep some kitty litter in your car in case you ever get stuck in the snow.

5. Make mittens out of old sweaters you'd throw out otherwise.

6. Park your car facing the sun so it melts some of the snow.

7. Use felt to create insulation for your shoes.

8. Adding zipties to your bike tires will create some great winter tires.

9. A dryer sheet will tame overly staticky hair.

10. Add some screws to your shoes to give yourself some extra traction.

11. Reverse the way your fan spins to keep your house warm.

12. Put socks on your toilet seat to keep it from getting too cold.

13. Pool noodles in your boots will help them keep their shape.

14. An extra pair of socks in your glove compartment will be a life saver if you get stuck in wet snow.

15. If you forget your ice scraper, an old CD will do the trick.

16. Use a razor to get rid of any pilling on your favorite sweaters.

17. Your crockpot can be used to whip up big batches of hot chocolate for the whole family.

18. If your lock gets frozen, use a key and a lighter to resolve the issue.
When winter arrives, and for many this marks the beginning of a long wait until the first robin appears or the quietest crocus peeks out of the softening ground. Yet winter is not without its beauty. On a sunless day, the grays merge to form a somber and peaceful landscape. Think of the silhouette of a leafless tree. Its leafy abundance may be missing, but its beauty is still intact. For me, winter often serves up a wellspring of precious childhood memories packed with hours of sledding and big mugs of marshmallow- and whipped-cream-topped hot chocolate. What can you remember? How about a few magnificent snow days spent playing outdoors?
It's not that difficult...we are survivors after all!

Source: OMG Facts

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