Tackle One Of The Biggest Enemies Of Beauty! Brilliant!

The eyes are the first part that we observe in others. Many argue that it is the mirror of our soul!

From these data alone we can understand how important the image of our eyes is!

Dark circles and bags under the eyes, frequently add years, making us look older in age.

Many people wake up with dark circles under their eyes. This "dark / shadow" region is often a sign that you have not slept well. For some people, however, their eyes always appear that way, regardless of how well they sleep.

The area under the eyes requires special care and under no circumstances we should neglect. The black circles and aging may be due to stress, hereditary factors, lack of iron and the lack of sleep.

The self-proclaimed “beauty obsessed” blogger Deepica Mutyala shared a video last week that we think you will really love. If you’ve ever dealt with dark circles under your eyes, then you already know that they’re one of the most difficult things to conceal in a natural way.

Sure, there are tons of products on the market that will help you color-correct and cover up darkness no matter what your skin tone, but they’re expensive and how do you even know which one works best without trying them all?

Luckily for us, Deepica has a great trick that can save you time, money, and the hassle of having to find a store-bought solution.

In this video, Mutyala demostrates how she uses regular orange-red lipstick to conceal the dark circles under her eye. She takes you step-by-step, showing you how she applies the lipstick under and around her eyes with a shader brush before blending it in around the area. Then she simply goes about her regular makeup routine right on top of the lipstick.

Watch it and you will be amazed by the spotless result!
The results are amazing! We never knew you could do this with regular red lipstick!

Mutyala says that she learned the trick from some of the makeup artists she’s worked with over the years, and has adapted it to work best for her. Since she has darker skin, the orange-red color works best for her, but for different skin tones you may have to experiment with different shades of lipstick.

Either way, it’s totally worth the time and relatively inexpensive price of lipstick (as compared to color-correctors) to try this awesome beauty hack.

Credits: Deepica Mutyala

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