Unique And Hilarious Rendition Of Taylor Swift's Song From A Cop! It'll Make Your Day!

You have never seen cooler police officer than him. During the patrol in the city of Dover, USA he is listening to the "Shake it off" of Taylor Swift giving his own performance behind the wheel. Groovy guy who'll cheer you up!

This officer was on duty and while driving the patrol car, he decided to show off the vocal and dance skills.

In a video released by the Dover Police Department on their YouTube page, one very funny police officer is caught on his DashCam rocking out to none other than Taylor Swift’s enormous pop hit “Shake It Off.”

Called “A Dover Police Department Public Affairs Production,” the video shows the officer in his car, going about his daily route, until Swift’s song starts playing on the radio and he goes into the most hilarious lip synch rendition of the song we’ve ever seen.

The best parts of the video, however, are the times when the officer approaches a pedestrian. In order to maintain his professional appearance, the officer stops lip synching and dancing, and waves and nods affectionately. After checking to make sure he’s out of sight, he immediately pops back into his “Shake It Off” routine. It’s hilarious!
The video instantly became viral with over 18 million people views, among them the very Taylor Swift which republished the video!
What can I say…I am still laughing! Police officers are human. They make mistakes just like we do. But they’re also heroes that put their lives on the line to protect and serve the public. As for this one he is one of a kind!

Credits: Dover Police

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