What Do You Get If You Combine Tenacity And Skills…Just WOW!

I really admire people's tenacity to achieve their goal...Whatever there is they are trying to create it is always great to watch the route. The following video is a time-lapse version of Kenneth Brandon's amazing accomplishment!

Kenneth is a fan of "twisty puzzles" according to his bio; he is also a fiend when it comes to Rubik's Cubes. Kenneth doesn't just solve a Rubik's Cube, he dominates it. And he is way too talented to be working on the standard 3x3x3 block that most people have been struggling with for years.

The cube that takes Kenneth's fancy is the ridiculously difficult 17x17x17 cube designed by puzzle legend Oskar Van Deventer and he doesn't need years, he completes the bad boy in mere hours— about 7.5 spread out across five days.

Brandon started by solving each color’s center, and then finished with the border, which proved much easier. For puzzlers with a lot of time on their hands and an itch to see the play-by-play, Brandon has posted the full seven-plus hour version as well.
So just how many different ‘positions’ can you derive from a 17x17x17 Rubik’s cube? About 66.9 quinquagintatrecentillion or 6.69 * 10^1054! OMG! Isn't it a really creative way to spend your days?

Credits: RedKB

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