Who Says Knitting Needs Needles? Make Extraordinary Scarf Using Only Your Hands! WOW!

It is really amazing what this woman can make using only her hands and of course some balls of yarn! And I mean, only with our hands, without using needles or crochet hooks.
I don't want to be melodramatic and say that during this economic crisis which has made all of us to limit down our needs in the very basic, make us get to the point that we cannot allocate not even a few dollars for a crochet. Meaning that everything we need, we should build it on our own (needles, wood, wool from our animals etc.). And not by our choice, but by necessity. Nobody wants to imagine something like that.

Arm knitting, called this technique, where you cross loops (coarse) yarn around your hands and knitting following the way that shows us the video. Manuela Waliczek-Raczka of Handimania has made multiple fluffy scarves by methodically tying chunky yard around her hands and arms, and made the video below to teach others how to make these accessories. All you need is four skeins (full packages) of chunky yarn to make a DIY fashion statement in frigid winter weather.

Let us see it as it is, as an alternative and highly creative way knitting, covering the maximum definition of handmade.
Everything is a matter of will and imagination and almost from nothing can create the most beautiful thing! Try it and I bet that you are going to be really proud of yourselves! Make a gift to your friends almost costless and show them your love and how much you’ve thought of them!

Credits: Handimania

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