Who Says That Waffle Iron Is Only For Waffles? You Will Definitely Love This Life Hack Video!

For those who don't have a waffle iron it could be a belated Christmas gift...I think you still have time! For those who have one already it's time to get it out of the cabinet and follow this extremely enlightening life hack video!
Most people don't make waffles often enough to own an appliance dedicated to them. But waffle makers aren't just for waffles, and with copious amounts of cooking spray, you can use them to make just about anything you want.

Here are just these seven outrageously delicious recipes where a waffle maker can be your best friend in the kitchen.
Helpful tip: Make sure to grease to your waffle iron before making any of these delicious creations. Oh, and Howdini notes that even if your waffle iron doesn’t flip over like this one, that’s okay — your recipes will come out just as awesome.

If you don't have one, you'd better run out and get one!

OMG! I really need to try all of them!

Credits: Howdini

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