A Diaper Can Make Your Life Greener...WOW!

Did you have any idea that diapers can help grow plants? If you have a diaper that is damaged and you are just going to throw it away, try this instead. This life hack is environmentally friendly and it’s a great way to re-purpose defective diapers.

If your plants no longer produce nice blossoms after a while, the leaves go limp or simply die off, this is often due to incorrect watering. Generally, caring for pot plants does not involve a lot of work, but the growth and blossoming phases should be observed when watering. There is no universal rule for plants, as every plant has its own special water requirements. For this reason, water quantities should ideally be individually adapted to the plant. Some plants do not like standing in puddles, whereas others need lots of water to grow and blossom well.

Here is a tip that will make your life easier and your garden or porch looks greener than ever! The only thing needed is a diaper! Check out the amazing results in the video below and try it!
What if summer is still far...get prepared and when the time comes enjoy a whole new environment at your house! For those who have babies may not sound so peculiar, as they have already known how absorbent a diaper can be!

Credits: Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

Share this green idea with others and help our planet take a breath!
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