Bowing Down To A 6 Years-Old Talent! A Gifted Child!

This young "lady" drove the judges of The Voice Kids in Germany out of their mind! Her performance made them run on the stage and bow down in front of her tiny shoes!

The tiny performer named Chelsea, wearing an adorable little dress and bows in her hair, she is definitely looking age-appropriate. However, as soon as this six-year-old singer got on stage and opened her mouth, my jaws dropped down....I couldn't realize at first that this tiny person could reach that level phonetically! It’s clear that there are extremely talented kids all over the globe...and she is definitely one of them!

How can such an enormous voice come out of such a tiny little person?! She nearly knocked the judges out of their chairs, and I feel exactly the same way. Chelsea definitely has a long, successful career in the music industry ahead of her.
Her performance of “Girl On Fire” would without a doubt make Alicia Keys very proud!

With performances like this one from Germany’s version of the show, makes you wonder of what miraculous voices we are about to hear when this show comes to the USA! The Voice Kids is a show we desperately need here in the United States, don't you agree?

Credits: The Voice Kids

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