Hilarious Flyers...An Amazing Way To Share Your Humor With Strangers! Can't Stop Laughing!

Many of you will have noticed funny signs or notices on the street and shops that make you laugh with their text.

The classic "tear-one-off" flyer. It's the perfect way to tell people that you've lost your dog, need a roommate, or just have some delicious bacon you want to offer free.

On the Internet, repurposing this useful flyer format to make people laugh is a time-honored tradition. There are plenty of LOL-worthy parodies out there.

Here are some features funny and bizarre flyers and posters found on street poles, bulletin boards and other urban areas. These flyers are both strange and hilarious.


The hand-posted flyer is perhaps the cheapest way to spread the word about lost dogs, found cats, and creepy looking men offering low-cost guitar lessons. But most of the time, those flyers serve as nothing more than reading material for people waiting to get into a bathroom or on a bus.

The flyers collected here acknowledge this reality, and they respond by trying to do nothing more than entertain whatever pair of eyes happen to be aimed in their direction. You now have no excuse for wasting all your time on the Internet when it's perfectly clear you could be wasting paper out in the real world!

Sources: Viralnova, EbaumsWorld

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