Is This Building Made By Accident Or On Purpose...!?! OMG!

Architecture is an ancient art with amazing history and even more fabulous accomplishments! With the help of technology this art has given us magnificent buildings around the world not to mention the wonders of the past! However this particular building in Ontario Canada isn't actually considered to be an architect's centerpiece!

The introduction of Google Maps brought forward new revelations about our surroundings. Since we now have aerial views of the entire world at various zoom levels, we gain the chance to see the world at new and incredibly detailed perspectives. Unfortunately, for those specifically looking at a certain health center in Canada, you can also see how a few architects unwittingly made some poor choices in planning the building's design.

This is what you'll see when you search for the Newmarket Health Center on Google Maps.

This is what you'll see when you zoom in.

That doesn't look like anything.

Keep zooming.

I still don't--oh!


Well, that's awkward. Who designed this thing, anyway?
Aerial photographs of the Newmarket Health Centre show four wings branching out from a central hub that look like arms and legs. While the arms simply look outstretched, the building's legs are far more detailed - even appearing to have kneecaps and feet.

Locals believe the Newmarket Health Centre in Ontario got its distinctive shape by accident, with a series of small extensions being added to the original design.

Amusingly the building is believed to house a STD clinic, among other medical facilities, with visitors having to enter the building through the groin area before they can have their check-up.

Even by accident this building reminds me of a Christmas cookie or a video game character (watching it from an innocent point of view...)! In any case though its entrance and shape doesn't give me any clue at all that this is a medical center! What do you think?

Source: Viralnova, Izismile

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