No More Boring Cooking...Frisky Time In The Kitchen With Amazing Gadgets!

Like many, I was introduced to cooking when I started college at 17 -- to survive. Since then I have traveled many miles, experienced many cuisines, and cooked many meals.

Along the way I have learned a few things about food, the process of cooking, and the impact it makes on our mind, body, and soul during good times and bad times. Food is the most fundamental of needs for our survival and almost every major event in our lives revolves around it.

It plays a vital role in the development of social interactions and social relationships. I find food to be sacred and the process of making food to be awakening and insightful. Although I am not that trained, cooking has become a joyful passion.

The process of making food has taught me to be mindful and embrace creativity. Below are a few items that might make you think differently the next time you enter your kitchen...and certainly have a frisky experience!

The Defensive Swordsman

The Buzzsaw Pizza Cutter

Rotating Fork

Shark Knife Holder

Loch Ness Ladle

Square Egg Maker

Peli-can Opener


Monkey Peeler

Butter Cutter


Ninja Knife Rack

Seal Tea

Butter Spreader

Drum Sticks


Hedge Hog Cheese Grater

Sharky Tea Infuser

In an everyday life that’s filled with so much discipline—waking up and cooking breakfast and lunch for the kids, and then going to work and being organized and being disciplined, and then coming home—you really just want to have a drink and go to sleep. But then you had to be disciplined again...

Everyone knows that cooking can get fairly boring and mundane if you don't truly enjoy it. In all honesty, the tools in your kitchen can easily contribute to this boredom after a while of using them nonstop. Never fear, for all of these are the most inventive and creative kitchen gadgets that will make any kitchen a significantly more fun place to be. Add any of these to your kitchen drawers to make cooking a better time for everyone.

Sources: Viralnova, eBaum's World

Share these frisky gadgets with others and make their life in the kitchen happier!
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