One Device Tucked Numerous Older Devices To The Dustbin Of History...Unbelievable!

Do you know the feeling when you go out and realize you left your phone at home? Some might run scared others are completely lost – I think we can sum it up: it’s not very enjoyable. Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives and without them we feel like only half a person.

Since the smartphones invaded our life, our everyday life became much easier, but the new technology literally leveled the older devices and buried them to the dustbin of history.

Including calculators and agenda, to maps and compass, smart phones meant the end of the career of several devices that had a field day until the end of the '90s...

In the pictures below are listed 13 pictures that pressurize how the smartphones condemn their "ancestors" in disuse!

Compare life today to how it used to be...You'll laugh at the difference!

Things have definitely changed quite a bit since we were all kids…

1. Pulling an all nighter

2. Teen pregnancy

3. Playing with friends

4. Going to McDonald's

5. How we use phones

6. Working out

7. Sharing your vacation pictures

8. Celebrating your birthday

9. How many devices we needed

10. How things size up

11. Going to the doctor

12. Playing video games

13. Sharing
It’s a fact that technology is really important nowadays. What’s more: technology is essential for our lifestyle. Everyone knows that.

A few years ago, a mobile phone was just a device used to make exactly what it was meant to do: phone calls. However, time has gone by, and now most of us have a smartphone. Well, said this way, it sounds just like the next logical step but… what if I tell you that your smartphone is more powerful than most old computers?

Source: Dose

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