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How many of you have neglected for years, like many other objects, your old bike, which now will never use again? If you thought to throw it away, and didn't succeed in doing it, due to the beautiful memories, it was unable to be apart from - learn that no longer need to have it tucked away in a corner of your basement, but you may well turn it into one of the most original decoration of your house and of course not only your old bicycle...

We all have old and useless objects somewhere in our house ... Before throwing them away take a look at the ideas that we have below!

See how the old crap can be converted with little imagination in wonderful creations!

Turn that old piano into a garden fountain!

Drums into light fixtures

An old bicycle can easily be turned into a unique looking bathroom vanity.

Old Light Bulbs can be transformed into cool floor Lamps

Old wine bottles can make a magnificently elegant chandelier for your dining room.

Split an old bathtub in two and TADA! A bathtub couch!

Have an instant closet by hanging old chairs on the wall.

Old Tennis Rackets can be Transformed into amazing Mirrors

And old trashcan and a little spray paint can make a great end table.

And this is how you can finally do something with that old dresser you've been trying to get rid of.
Try to rejuvenate your house and mood with the help of your old crap...Use your imagination and I am sure that the result will make you feel happy not only with the new decoration but mostly because you made it from something old that you didn't want to be apart from!

Source: Dose

Share these amazing ideas of decoration with others and help them rejuvenate too!
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