Successful Surgeon Changes His Career To Honor His Fallen Son! Unbelievable Story!

Losing a child gives so much pain and grief that no word can describe...or alleviate the suffering! The Krissoff's family experienced this pain in 2006!

Bill’s son, First Lt. Nathan Krissoff of Reno, Nev., was killed in Iraq. Bill needed to find a way to honor the memory and the sacrifice of his fallen son and even to feel closer to him...he wanted to do something that sounded at least as impossibility!

So, being an orthopedic surgeon, he made a decision that surprised the world — he enlisted in the Navy Medical Corps in the hope of being assigned to Iraq. At 61 years old, people thought he was too old to be considered, let alone sent to Iraq. After all, he was past the enlistment age limit, and getting an age waiver could take a year.

But Bill took every step he possibly could, and one day fate struck. Bill and his wife were invited to meet President Bush. At the time, the President was known for meeting with families of fallen soldiers across the country.

Check out the video below to see what happened next. There are those critics out there who think Bill is nuts for leaving a successful orthopedic practice to go to war. Bill, however, says it’s an honor.

Krissoff relishes the challenge of such a dramatic midlife change. He said he doesn't see anything special about his enlistment and that he's just following the example set by his sons.

Nathan Krissoff was, by all accounts, an extraordinary young man and Marine. He was a pianist, violinist and poet, as well as captain of his high school and college swim teams. Despite his many talents, friends say that Nathan was the most humble and selfless person they had ever met and that he was always looking for opportunities to help people.

Another son, Austin, is also a Marine lieutenant stationed in Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Christine Krissoff's husband and sons, wrapped in prayers and armed with swords and scalpels, have served our nation with valor. So has she. So long as our nation produces families like the Krissoffs, America will remain not only the greatest nation on earth, but also the most noble in history.

Credits: HBO's channel

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