The Blameworthy Of This Cruelty Should Burn In Hell...! Ashamed Tο Be Called Human!

The animal abuse, stray and owned, has many forms and unfortunately occurs frequently in every country. The animal abuse can be either intentional or failure for proper care of the animal. Either way, if the animal is a pet, an animal farm, or a wild animal, the victim may suffer terribly.

Do not despair, though, as everyone can take action against animal abuse.

People with psychological problems can hit, shoot, stab even firing on live animals. People who abuse animals are very likely to become violent to other people, even their own family. Neglect of an animal means improper care meaning, inappropriate or no food, water, shelter or medical care. As the misery continues for so long, animals dying from neglect may suffer, just as animals are abused intentionally. Abandoning animals owned by their owners on the street is also a common form of abuse. These animals, unusual in the street, are the first victims of accidents involving cars.

A baby orangutan is fighting for his life after a truly disgusting act by humans. The tiny angel has only been alive for 10 months, but for his entire life he had been locked in a chicken coop and fed only condensed milk, which left his bones severely malformed.

When rescuers from the East Sussex, U.K.-based International Animal Rescue organization arrived in Borneo, Indonesia they found the baby, now named Budi, on the brink of death.

Rescuer Alan Knight said the tiny ape’s eyes filled with tears when they pulled him from his torture chamber. The innocent baby was in that much agony. “Everyone was distressed beyond words to see how much pain he was in. I don’t know how much longer he could have endured so much suffering,” Knight told Daily Mail.

A 10-month-old orangutan is fighting to survive after spending his entire life trapped in a chicken coop in Borneo, Indonesia.

When veterinarians from International Animal Rescue found baby "Budi," he was on the brink of death due to only being fed condensed milk, which has no nutritional value, for his entire life.

In the video below, the tiny angel cries out from the pain due to his severely malformed limbs and bones.

The motherless baby is now being carefully treated by IAR veterinarians, who are doing their very best to relieve his suffering and keep him alive.

Now the tiny angel is under the constant care of the British veterinarians, but his future is unclear. Indonesia’s IAR director Karmele Sanchez wrote on their site, “At the moment we are still worried for his life and trying to minimize his pain. But Budi is a very strong little baby and he is fighting very hard to survive.”

Do not be idle, do not be afraid, and do not think that someone else will solve the problem.

The state is indifferent for years, animal lovers volunteers struggling to cope with thousands of facts, without any State aid and the only other ... is you.

Be active against the cruelty, abuse and neglect!

Sources: Little Things, International Animal Rescue IAR

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