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The movements of people in prison are very limited. Their contacts with the wider family and social environment are significantly restricted. This has resulted in the isolation of the individual, the loss of emotional relationships and loneliness. Above all, there is a moral condemnation of individuals from the community, expressed by the deprivation of liberty as punishment for the actions of the individual.

“Dogs On The Inside” is a film that documents the partnership between a Massachusetts prison and a dog shelter that gives both rescue dogs and inmates a new lease on life. As the bond deepens between inmates and dogs, the inmates are reminded of their own humanity and growing capacity for love and empathy as they get ready to re-enter society. When these two groups of societal outcasts meet, it’s truly heartwarming — because while many people shun both inmates and “undesirable” breeds like pit bulls and rottweilers, this program gives them an opportunity to look to each other for affection, friendship and understanding.

In this trailer for the film, we see abandoned, homeless dogs rescued and brought over to the prison to bond with their new companions involved in this fantastic program — and it doesn’t take long for these unwanted dogs to become “the lifeline, the oxygen” for the inmates, and vice versa.
The countless number of homeless dogs in the U.S. has led to an overcrowding of animal shelters and, tragically, the euthanizing of almost 3 million dogs each year. Dogs on the Inside sheds a light on this animal welfare crisis and offers the prison as an untraditional foster home that enables some of these homeless canines a way to not only escape their own harsh life sentence, but to become well-trained members of a family.

Dogs on the Inside is a heart-warming story about the resiliency of a dog’s trust and the generosity of the human spirit. In the seemingly dark recesses of a prison, a spark of light emerges that is a reminder of the wonderful and timeless connection that exists between dog and man.

Credits: Dogs on the Inside

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