Their Tiny Home...Is An Amazing Innovative Idea! So Cool!

This couple took a 1993 Ford School Bus and converted it into their very own DIY motorhome cabin in only 3 months time.

The bus is built with a Thomas chassis and runs on a diesel engine. The transformation of the bus lasted for three and a half months and was made with a lot of love! These people have been living this way for more than 4 years. They added a porcelain toilet. an awesome tub, refinished and refurbished everything.

The woman showing off the van, who is one half of the traveling duo, points to intelligent design features that most people, unacquainted with the particular needs of life on the road, never would have thought of, like floating laminate floors that move and shift with the van when it’s in motion. I never even considered that was a component of mobile homes, but it makes perfect sense.
Although the idea of a hippie school bus might seem unclean at first, they actually keep the interior of the bus quite clean and neat.

This is really well done!

Credits: On the Road: The REAL American Dream - is alive

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