Unique Visual Record...Of Seemingly Bizarre Facts! WOW!

It has often been said throughout time that a picture is worth a thousand words. Any picture may be worth a thousand words, but only a few rare photos tell more than a thousand words. They tell a powerful story and reveal things we haven't realized! Over and over again…

These images are rare moments that aren't often seen in this life. Some of them are beautiful, some of them are horrifying, but they're all TOTALLY amazing.

1. The internal watch mechanism.

2. This machine weaves bricks together and then lays out paths.

3. An eclipsed sunset.

4. Pyrite that happened to form in perfect cubes.

5. Bismuth looks like this and it's absolutely incredible.

6. The world's deepest swimming pool.

7. The appearance of glass after it's melted during a fire.

8. The inside of the human jaw before losing any baby teeth.

9. This little sea turtle is riding a jelly fish and it looks like the most fun ever.

10. This lizard shed his skin perfectly all in one big push.

11. This enormous sword memorial is located on the coast of Norway.

12. Possibly the best hand-drawn wave in this history of drawings.

13. An image juxtaposing modern-day Manhattan against what it would have looked like 400 years ago.

14. Ah, the old railcar-bridge trick.

15. 18 years meant a whole lot for Dubai, it seems.

16. The inside of Space Mountain with the lights turned on.

17. This is a Fukang Meteorite and it looks. So. Awesome.

18. The vision of a human versus the vision of a cat.

19. This is what grass looks like after it's been struck by lightning.

20. This looks like a computer glitch, but don't trust your eyes. This cabinet was carved to look like this.

21. This is a cast. It's 3D printed, it utilizes ultrasound technology and it helps bone heal up to 40% faster.

22. This camera refocused during the explosion of fireworks while taking the shot.

23. A bridge extending over icy water, as seen from above.

24. This little wolf pup looks pretty lifelike...but she's made entirely from pipe cleaners.

25. Murrine is essentially a loaf of glass art, and each slice costs around $5,000.

26. The Space Shuttle Atlantis, as viewed by the International Space Station.

27. This is a liter bottle before compressed air was added.

28. The Hoover Dam, as shot before it was filled with water.

29. Next time you fly you can think of this and know that this is what the inside of your airliner looks like.

30. This badass and TERRIFYING fish can eat prey that are 10 times its size and mass.
I can't stop wondering how humans have changed this planet...Despite the fact that our life has been improved so much...The natural phenomena showed on the pictures above were much more interesting and magical than any human invasion to the natural environment! However this is my point of view!

Source: Dose

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