Meet The Houdini Octopus...An Incredible Escape!

A fishing boat near the Alaskan Chiswell Islands got quite the surprise when they pulled an octopus on board. The show wasn't about fishing the sea creature...on the contrary the show began when the slippery eight-armed sea creature slid right through a small gap on a boat.

The cellphone footage was captured by fisherman Chance Millers, who offers guided tours around the Chiswell Islands, near the Chiwell Islands, off Alaska.

In the video, Miller can be heard telling his astonished passengers that the octopus will feel its way towards the water and squeeze its entire body through the tiny gap.

Watch the Great Escape!
Wow! I bet this Octopus in its previous life had met Houdini! Can you imagine having that ability when cornered by an annoying relative at an awkward family gathering? Or what about sliding into a sold-out showing at a movie theater? You wouldn't have to pay for a ticket, and what kind of weirdo would want to sit next to an octopus? Think of the possibilities!

Credits: Zena Cardman

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