A Crazy Trick...Replace A Pin With An Orange Peel And BOOM!

Orange is a citrus fruit that belongs to the same family with grapefruit and mandarin. Grown worldwide in warm regions and is particularly popular because of its aromatic flavor, but also for the significant benefits for our health.

I’m not a big fruit eater, mainly because fruit tends to taste pretty much like acidic water these days due to modern farming techniques (and my dulled taste buds), but I do occasionally enjoy an orange or mandarin (tangerine).
Everything that nature creates usually has multiple functions and in the case of oranges, the skin has far more uses than just being a protective coating.

Limonene, which comprises 95% of the oil in an orange peel, is being used in all sorts of applications, including the manufacture of plastics.
For Humans though...

Not only does limonene hydrate your skin and make your fingers smell like a Florida orange grove, it can also do something crazy to a rubber balloon!

Watch the video below and see a trick that'll surprise all your friends.
And besides this magic trick an orange has a capability to produce fire if the friction is produced inside of its skin. An orange peel contains flammable material called orange oil which is responsible in making fire when introduced with friction!

So a lighter and a pin can easily be replaced by an orange...what a great combination of life hacks and good health! Love it!

Credits: Maricv 84

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