A Hilarious Revenge For All The Potential New Drivers!

Driving tests are supposed to be nerve-racking for new students, but one Malaysian driving school flipped the script and absolutely terrified their rookie instructors.

To prank employees on their first day of work, the school hired Leona Chin, a professional rally-racing driver, to be the unlucky tutors’ first pupil.

Dressed as a nerdy girl who kept stalling the car, the driving instructors assumed they had a completely inexperienced driver on their hands.

The prank starts off with the instructors getting into a spruced up car to give a young innocent looking girl what they think is a driving lesson. She tells them it is her brother’s car and begins to drive quite horribly. She messes up shifting, takes wrong turns and appears to not know what she is doing. The instructors’ reactions range from understanding and helpful to mildly annoyed at this. When they try to end the lesson she asks for one more chance to get it right. That is when her slow and atrocious driving turns into a high octane, masterful performance.

In the end it is revealed that this was all a trick and the girl was actually a professional racing champion and well known drifter from Malaysia named Leona Chin. She has won multiple championship titles in different divisions all across the world and makes a really convincing actress as well. Hopefully no one quit after this stunt and they took it all in stride. All in all it was a great way to welcome new people to their team!

While most of young drivers are a bundle of nerves and instructors their worst nightmare...this prank is payback time for all those butterflies in our stomachs when we had to pass our driving tests! LOL!

Credits: maxman.tv

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