A Spectacular List Of The Most Strange Flowers!

Flowers have the ability only with their colors and scents to make your mood!

When we visit a florist, we can admire many different types of flowers that enchant us with the colors and aromas. But how familiar we are actually with nature and its creatures?

Apart from outdoor or patio plants flowers, there is a whole universe of flowers, so unique and special, as people.

We found 10 flowers that we are sure you have not seen before and are incredibly impressive!

The Funny “Monkey Face Orchid” (Dracula Simia)
The Dracula Simia is a kind of orchid and as you see the interior reminds a monkey. It is found in the southeastern regions of Ecuador and Peru and it smells like orange!

The Hilarious “Naked Man Orchid” (Orchis Italica)
The favorite couple (Orchis Italica) in a bright purple color is a kind of Italian orchids.

The Crazy “Hooker’s Lips” (Psychotria Elata)
You see it in the rainforests of Central and South Africa and is identical with the fleshy lips of a woman (who wears a passionate red lipstick).

The Lovely “Dancing Girls” (Impatiens Bequaertii)
These orchids grow on their own or in groups in Australia. The greatest enemies of these flowers are rabbits and kangaroos because they accustomed to eat.

The Strange “Laughing Bee Orchid” (Ophrys bomybliflora)

The Cute “Swaddled Babies” (Anguloa Uniflora)
The Angloua Uniflora like babies wrapped in their blankets and grow the Colombian Andes. The structure of this orchid is extremely peripoploki and the photo shows one stage of its development.

The Unreal “Happy Aliens” (Calceolaria Uniflora)

The Perfect “Flying Duck Orchid” (Caleana Major)
It's named Caleana and looks like a duck ready to fly. The flower is reddish or sometimes green and appears near the bottom of the stem. It grows in Australia.

The Stunning “White Egret Orchid” (Habenaria Radiata)

Annnd The Creepy “Snapdragon Seed Pod” (Antirrhinum)
The Antirrhinum located in rocky areas in Europe, America and North Africa. The petals resemble to a dragon's mouth opening but when they wither and the seed remains...then looks incredibly to a skull. Ancient cultures attributed to this flower supernatural powers.

Source: Spirit Science
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