Barefoot Sensei: A Living Legend! Guts Or Madness !?!

Meet Mick Dodge. Mick has spent 25 years living away from civilization entirely, living off of the land in a rainforest. Mick is a former marine who left his 9-5 job as a heavy equipment mechanic at Fort Lewis to take up an alternative lifestyle.

“That’s my real passion,” says Dodge.

Mick Dodge is a man who has brought environmentalism, human impact on nature and watershed appreciation to the forefront of national conversation.

Twenty-five years ago, Mick left the modern world and ventured into the Hoh rain forest in western Washington State. He's been building his life there ever since, sleeping among trees and moss, and living off the land.

Dodge is also known as the "barefoot sensei" because he doesn't wear shoes. He spends a lot of his time running "Earth Gym" in which he teaches people to work out using the terrain around them instead of traditional gym machines.

Dodge is a native of the Hoh Rainforest, which is located on the Olympic Peninsula of western Washington State. His great-grandparents originally settled the area. Dodge grew up to travel around the world and become a huge fitness freak.

At 62 years old, Dodge doesn’t have time for any fancy gym, or even society. His gym is the great outdoors. He calls it the Earth Gym, kind of a YMCA in the forest. Dodge spends his days and nights in the forest. He wears no shoes, and simply walks barefoot through streams and between trees. The reason he walks with no shoes is because his feet hurt.

His lifestyle may make him seem like some kind of crazy forest hermit, but he’s hardly in isolation. He spends his time with a community of mountain dwellers. He even gets the occasional girlfriend. “On my journey, I have formed so many wonderful connections with women, formed strong brother-and-sister relationships with them,” he said. “I may not be able to figure out what they are always talking about. But if their soles are touching the earth, I am more able to figure it out.”

Dodge doesn’t miss civilization, but he doesn’t shun it either. “There is no way to get away from it. So I developed a physical fitness practice in how to step in and out of it, stepping out of the walls, machines, electronics, social babble for a while, ground back into the natural flow of the land, and then go back in.”

Dodge’s life is being covered in a new National Geographic Channel series called The Legend of Mick Dodge. The show focuses on all his adventures in the mountains.

Mick Dodge is many things, but even he says he is not a survivalist. He is a nature lover and a teacher of all things natural. He is awesome at survival skills, but to be clear, he does not consider himself a survivalist.

Mick Dodge loves the Hoh Rainforest and the Pacific Northwest. He is passionate about getting people healthy and to use nature as a gym. He wants everyone to experience nature and connect with it.

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