Defying Every Possible Law Of Gravity And Flexibility...Speechless!

The Gymnastics seems a victim of political and social developments in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation announced in a press conference that he lacks the funds to send the teams in European competitions.

Political crisis in Ukraine has led to a lack of vital resources for sports, however these young ladies have proved that passion, skills and strong will can lead you to success! Long before the crisis, back in 2010 The Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships in Wrocław, Poland, these three young, Ukrainian women placed third after Russia and Great Britain. I didn’t know this type of routine was humanly possible, as I’ve never seen gymnasts display such incredible flexibility and strength.

In the video, the petite gymnasts seem to defy every possible law of gravity, and without breaking a sweat. Where are they hiding all that muscle to be able to do this?

This inventive routine just keeps getting better and better the longer you watch. At 1:23, my jaw dropped. And at 2:27, one YouTube commenter said, “I thought the middle girl’s leg was going to snap in half.” Ouch!

Wow, they are amazing! Literally they defy all laws of gravity and flexibility! They have a great history in Gymnastics and they prove it continuously! Let's hope the crisis will end and all these young athletes will be able to continue their efforts for success! Congratulations to all those who never give up their goal no matter what the circumstances are!

Credits: Brian Kincher

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