Hidden Messages Written On The Pavements...A Brilliant Art That Will Make You Happy On Rainy Days!

What If It Rains...You Can Still Smile!

Because what better way to cheer up the drizzle with art forming right under your eyes?

A group of Seattle artists are making the best of the city's famous weather with "Rainworks," sidewalk art that only shows up when it rains.

Peregrine Church, who received a $1,000 grant from The Awesome Project to create his pavement paintings, said he and fellow artists Xack Fischer and Forest Tressider use a superhydrophobic paint called Always Dry Wood & Stone to create sidewalk drawings that are invisible when dry but show up when the rest of the pavement is drenched.

Rainworks are pieces of street art that only appear when wet, featuring messages, images and interactive games that work great for a city infamous for its frequent precipitation. The idea, in part, is to encourage people to enjoy the rain, and reward those who go out and play in the gathering drizzle.

Rather than engraved in bronze, Church uses a biologically friendly superhydrocoating to paint inspirational phrases on sidewalks only visible when it rains. So far Church has only created two pieces, but it’s already gaining attention around Seattle and the Internet. Church’s “Rain Activated Work” –as he calls it — has many supporters, and he’s planning his next piece.

I don't like rain, especially when it is heavy rain and have to be on the move...however having a pleasant break that will definitely bring a smile to my face as I am in a rush is always welcome!

Credits: Waka Waka Studios

Share his pioneer art with others and let’s hope that rain will make us even instantly happier!
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